If you love someone….

If you love someone you let them go. If you love someone you let them go. If you love someone you let them go. If you love someone you let them go. If you love someone. If you love someone. My hands gripped her pale arm even tighter. My head spun and my stomach lurched from looking down at her. I closed my eyes firmly on the scene and concentrated on my own strength, keeping her arm in a vice-like grip. I shivered. The wind was biting cold up here, on this lonesome tower block roof. She struggled violently to free her arm but I would not loosen my hold on it.

“Please” she screamed against the howling wind “Let me go! Let me fall!”

I shook my head resolutely, “No” I mouthed at her, the wind snatching away the word.

She tugged again, hard, in an attempt to wrench herself away from me. Away from safety. I squeezed her arm more tightly. She gazed up at me, tears of desperation in her eyes, “Let. Me. Die”, she managed to croak out, faintly.

I forced myself to stare down into her eyes, ignoring the ground that was sickeningly far below us. I tried to radiate all the love I felt for her into her body, to save her from herself.

At that moment, she stopped struggling, went heavy and limp. Limp and heavy. Dead. She was a dead weight. I held her arm in both of mine to make sure it did not slip.

She had given up. We were stuck like this. I realised abruptly, horrifically, that I did not have the energy to pull her up. We were locked in position. Her dangling off the edge of a twenty storey building; me balancing precariously on my stomach with my rough hands gripping her arm tightly.

I could not let her fall. I would not. If you love someone you let them go. No. Not like this. Not like this.

She was resigned to her fate. It is difficult to let someone you love die, even when they are begging you for death. It is particularly challenging when you yourself would rather live. But to live without her was unthinkable.

I had control now, very limited control. To live. To die. Either way we had to do it together. To live. To die. What a decision. She looked at me pleadingly. What should I do?

What should I do? I bit my lip thinking about my dilemma. It was the worst situation I could ever be in. The worst situation anyone could be in. I could not have foreseen this. Or maybe I had chosen not to foresee this. I had thought like a superman I could save her from her demons, her depression. But monsters crawl in the night from the dark recesses of her brain. How could I have thought I could protect her from something within her own being, something I could not see. Something that had gradually consumed her delicate mind.

I watched her fragile body hang over the rooftop edge. It was supported only by my arms. I felt helpless. I brought my mind back forcefully to the question in hand. To live without her, or to die with her. That was the dilemma, it had all come down to this. Horrifically. Definitely. Decision time loomed.

My brain hurt from contemplating my decision. What a huge dilemma to face.

What would you do?


12 thoughts on “If you love someone….

    1. Thank you for this positive feedback. This post is my favourite so far. I hope I dealt with the issues surrounding it sensitively as it is a hard topic to tackle, glad you find it sophisticated, means I am on the right track with my posts

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  1. Wow!!! I got chills reading this because I can relate. This is a hard decision and I don’t think anyone can fully understand unless you’ve been there. I love your opening lines, to let her go if you love her. But this situation is unique. Now I see how my husband feels when I tell him to let me go, I see a different perspective through your writing.

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    1. I am so happy you see a different perspective through my writing. What a lovely comment to receive – that motivates me to write more! I should say I actually do not have direct experience of the above I just have (apparently) a very good imagination. Writing is my passion, and if my articles can move people in any way then I feel I am doing my skill justice. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your honesty and your bravery in even commenting at all. You are a very strong person.

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      1. To be honest… Finding my comments years on is kinda weird to read. Like I know now that I wrote this from experience. Not direct experience, this didn’t happen to me. But, honestly my mum and my partner both were super affected by it, because tbh they had to cope with me at my worst in terms of my depression… It’s funny reading that I thought this wasn’t from my experience. It seriously 100% was!


  2. Amazing writing. You had me imagine being in that situation and how hard it would be. To live with letting her go might not be living at all.


    1. Yes exactly. So glad my writing was powerful enough to move you into thinking about how you would feel in that situation. That is such a fantastic compliment to me as a writer. Thank you so much! Please continue to read my posts

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