Gossip Central

I looked around at my girls, and made sure everyone in the group had her eyes on me.

I paused, for dramatic effect – naturally, then said wide-eyed “so, he told me… Katie I’ve, well, I’ve…”

I was getting impatient now girls so I told him to just spit it out and hurry up about it. So, he gulped. Then, staring at the floor, replied “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

SILENCE. Honestly girls I had no idea what to say.

“Not like I’ve been with a man, obviously” he stumbled “like I meant as in… I’ve not been with anyone”. He said this last bit as if he was ashamed of it.

I averted my eyes. Never been with anyone. It played on my mind. Made me feel sort of ill. Girls I had to get out. You do understand that? – Don’t you?

There was a murmur of “Yes”-es and “Of course”-es… and nods. Lots of nods. I felt better.

Then Vicky pipes up, “erm, well actually no Katie. I don’t understand.” She looked at me questioningly.

I shot her a glare, “he’s… well, innocent”. I stated simply as if I was talking to a small child.

“So?” She responded immediately, defiantly.

So? So?! I thought, infuriated. That tiny little word held so much weight. Why did Vics not see things as I did – as everyone else did? Weirdo. She was just a complete weirdo. All the other girls agreed with me. So I felt better.

The bell chimed, so we all began to head off to class. I was still a little unsettled, sort of perplexed I suppose.


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