Petals. Bright red, pale pink, sunny yellow, pure white… Beautiful. Charming.

I picked them slowly from the deep red rose.

They felt smooth and soft to the touch.

I let them fall to the bed, carefully – almost as if they were descending in slow-motion.

Pretty. Some things are just so pretty.


I smiled to myself… they represent love.

A love that was overwhelming. It was all consuming. I could barely stand it. But I could not break away. I was hypnotised. The petals contained all my feelings in their small, delicate, bodies.

What was it he had said – Insatiable. I was insatiable.

This made my smile grow wider as I thought of all his love, his kisses.

He lavished me with kisses. With affection.

Exactly what I deserved.

I felt blessed.


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