Rose tilted her head to the side, watching them slyly over the top of her open book. They were both peering at a mobile phone giggling as if there was no one else on the packed train. They shared a knowing glance with one another and a quick peck. This kiss shot through Rose’s heart. She had to catch her breath quickly and grip the side of her seat to stop the dizziness that suddenly overwhelmed her.
Grounding. She remembered.
She had learnt about grounding from her counsellor. Yet she was fully aware that the feelings she got from observing this couple had little to do with her usual anxiety. This was very different. She had felt this way, when looking at them, particularly them, for months already.
Briefly she wondered if she was in love.
She pushed this notion away almost as soon as it came up, as ridiculous.
The couple looked perfect. Maybe Rose was in love with the idea of being in love. She toyed with the concept, then rejected it. It felt stronger than that.
She studied his face. Strong, chiselled jawline and neat stubble. His eyes were dark and sexy, mysterious. Rose could feel the love they projected. It was easy to see why his girl adored him so much. He was effortlessly stylish. His girl was of course gorgeous.
They suited each other well. The perfect couple, Rose thought. How sickeningly adorable! Yet Rose was disturbed by the strong feelings that looking at them evoked within her….
Jealousy was obvious. However there were other feelings that cropped up more subtlety too.
The question of love was once more thrown into the forefront of her mind. Rose admired him more than any man she had ever met, definitely. She found she wanted to be him. She wanted his girl, the lovely girl with the beautiful laugh. Rose was surely in love, with HER.


3 thoughts on “Obsessed.

    1. Thank you. I am pleased you like it. I enjoyed writing this one – a way to explore love in a different way, not just girl loves boy but boy has a girlfriend already… instead girl loves girl. Lesbian themes interest me so I thought I would give it a go exploring that through a blog post 🙂


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